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“A network of Surveillance Cameras, sponsored by citizens, to secure you, and your community”

You can make a difference in securing your community

Our main thrust is to curb the mindless attack by criminals on our community, by increasing the detection rate for crimes that occur. 

As a CSN Member, you contribute to a CCTV Camera installed on your community that records remotely on the cloud, and on the cameras itself. The remote recording is available to Law Enforcement, and can be used for Crime Detection.

Our Cameras can also be viewed live in the event an actual crime is taking place. Your cameras help reduce crime, and you do not need to get involved.

For $66 a month, you can become a member. That’s just $2.30 a day to help protect yourself, and your family / staff. 

Off-Site Recording

Video footage recorded Off-Site. If the Bandit steals your Recorder, you still have footage.

Instant Access by Investigators

Police or Other Investigators can see the footage without you getting involved.

Share Full or Part of Video

You choose what investigators get to see. You can also keep it private.

Quick Installation

Get Fast installation, as well as Free Replacement when needed.

App Support

View your camera on your phone or computer.

Bronze Members

As a Bronze Member, you pay $66 monthly. For every 3 Bronze members that sign up, we install 1 Surveillance Camera.

Silver Members

As a Silver Member, you pay $100 monthly. For every 2 Silver members that sign up, we install 1 Surveillance Camera. Silver members also get additional benefits as described below.

Gold Members

As a Gold Member, you pay $199 monthly. Each gold member gets 1 Surveillance Camera, as well as all the benefits shown below. 

Choose your plan


For the Community
$ 66 Per Month


Security with Benefits
$ 99 Per Month


Security with Perks
$ 199 Per Month

Additional Benefits to Gold Members

CCTV Support – Get CCTV Support. Our goal is to have your own, existing camera system always showing, always recording. Get support for Recorders, Cameras, Cabling, and all necessary equipment.

Computer Support – Get computer support for any Windows based computer that you own. We assist with program installation, viruses, OS Installation as well as all hardware components.

Help Desk Support – Get remote troubleshooting support via Telephone and also remote PC Connection. We can assist with many basic Tech problems remotely.

Tech Discounts – Get Discounts on all CCTV and Computer equipment purchased from us. You even get discounts on Full Systems and Computers.